Terms & Conditions

                                            General Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are published by HOME INNOVATION SHOPPING Co., Ltd. (HIS, us, we or our) and apply to dealings and transactions with past, present and future members of our License to HIS Program (you, your or, as applicable, member).
Once you sign up as a member, each time you place an order with us, you do so under the terms and conditions which are current at the time of placing your order. Please note that these terms and conditions, along with our return policy and our privacy policy may be changed (varied) from time to time without prior notice to you and that it is your sole responsibility to check for such changes.

1. To be member

1.1 In these terms and conditions “HIS” means Home Innovation Shopping ‘Cambodia’ Co., Ltd or its authorized representatives and “License to SHOP Program” means those arrangements by which a member may collect benefits by purchasing qualifying goods or services and thereby qualifies for awards under or in relation to these terms and conditions.

1.2 You acknowledge and agree that:

a. Only individuals may be members of the license to shop program.

b. Membership of the license to shop Program is currently free

c. An individual who wishes to become a member of the licensee to HIS Program can place orders for goods or services supplied or to be supplied by HIS or on our behalf by approved third party suppliers (Product) in the ways provided for by HIS and is legally bound by these terms and conditions as varied on from time to time.

d. The version of these terms and conditions which is current at the time you place an order will apply to that order.

e. After issue, protection and security of usernames and passwords issued by HIS under or in relation to the license to Shop program is the sole responsibility of the individual(s) to whom they are issued.

1.3 Memberships are made available at HIS’s sole discretion and subject to these terms and conditions. Memberships are limited to one per individual only. An individual’s membership purchases must be linked to that individual’s permitted payment method(s).

1.4 You must promptly notify HIS immediately of any change of address or other contact details. In any event, HIS is not liable for any delay in relation to communications, including but not limited to the sending or receiving voucher awards or for any unauthorized use of a membership or voucher claims or a member not otherwise receiving postal or email communications in a timely fashion or at all.

1.5 HIS may cancel a membership in the license to SHOP program without notice for any reason including but not limited to, if the relevant member:

a. fails to comply with these membership terms and conditions; or

b. abuses any privilege accorded to the member under the license to SHOP program; or

c. through excessive, frivolous or mischievous action causes HIS to credit awards or otherwise operate the member’s account to the detriment of HIS; or

d. supplies any misleading information or makes any misrepresentations to HIS in connection with the license to SHOP program, or does not use his or her membership for a period of 12 months.

e. Membership benefits are not transferable.

f. Any tax, liability, or duty of any kind arising from a member’s participation in the license to HIS program is the sole responsibility of the member.

2. Payment

2.1 Members may pay for Product and delivery charges by those means (including but not limited to credit cards, debit cards, cheques and money orders) which HIS may permit, in its sole discretion, from time to time (permitted payment methods) and, subject always to HIS’s exercise of its overriding sole discretion to grant or withhold part payment facilities to a member, either in whole or in part.

2.2 HIS only accepted cash on delivery ‘COD’ payment. If a member pays by cheque in full payment or against any part payment and the cheque is dishonored or otherwise does not clear, the member is deemed in default on payment.

2.3 All product pricing display are in USD. However, we determine collect USD in case of member requested to pay in Riel(Cambodia Money), HIS will apply exchange rate $1USD=4100Riel


2.1 HIS reserves the right to make any variations to these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice and in its absolute discretion (even if the change has the effect of reducing or eliminating the number or value of, or the period for expiry of existing or future benefits, the benefits balance in any member’s account). HIS will make available revised (current) versions of relevant documentation both via its website(s) and, upon request, in printed form but HIS is not otherwise obliged to notify members or third parties of variations and is not liable in any way for failure to do so. You acknowledge and agree that, by placing an order at or after such variation, you are bound by these terms and conditions as varied.

HIS reserves the right to accept or reject any order it receives either in whole or in part, for any reason or no reason, and in its sole discretion.

A member may only cancel an order without charge prior to that order being processed for despatch. HIS may provide various means for cancellation to be communicated to it but the sole risk and responsibility lies on the member to confirm cancellation with HIS ahead of the order being processed for despatch. If a member wishes to return Product after an order has been processed, this must be done under and in accordance with our Returns Policy.

Our failure to insist upon or enforce strict performance of any provision of these terms and conditions or any agreement arising under or in relation to these terms and conditions (resulting agreement) is not be construed as a waiver of any provision or right. Any waiver of any provision or right will be effective only if in writing and signed by us.